Curd Recipes

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Photo of homemade curdMost recipes for curds involve fairly small quantities of ingredients, since they are made with eggs and therefore don't have a long shelf life, even when stored towards the back of a refrigerator.

Lemon curd is the classic recipe and is a versatile spread, being used in many different dishes, such as tarts, coconut cakes and pastry fillings, and even possibly as a filling for a quick lemon meringue pie. Many people enjoy curds as part of their breakfast, being spread on a thick piece of Brioche toast, inside a rolled pancake, or served on the side of a plate with some French toast.

At the end of a dinner party, a lemon and lime curd mousse, frozen posset, sorbet or cheesecake will certainly round off any meal nicely. Alternatively, you can simply use a spoonful of fruit curd and some chopped nuts to make a quick and impressive ice cream sundae.

Any citrus-based curd marries well with strawberries and so many recipes often incorporate the two, such as elegant French-style strawberry tarts and luxury Madeira cake trifles.

List of Curd Recipes

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