Savoury Jam / Chutney Recipes

Jam Making Recipes

Picture of homemade chutneysA savoury jam is really just another name for a chutney, although more often than not, the line between these two types of fruity preserves is a little blurred. Many chutneys are extremely sweet and only considered to be savoury due to their vegetable content, although many jams also use vegetables, such as carrots, courgettes, marrows and pumpkins.

Chutneys and savoury jams often include the addition of vinegar or wine, with some also incorporating herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme and bay leaves. For other recipes, chopped onions are a mainstay, along with a chopped clove or two of garlic.

And of course, another determining factor of what makes a chutney is how it is eaten. Savoury jams don't really lend themselves to being used as a filling for a cake, and instead are at their very best when accompanying cheese and biscuits, a cold meat platter or a salad, and in some cases, a roast dinner.

List of Savoury Jam Recipes

Close-up image of homemade chutneysApple and Rosemary
Apple and Sage
Apricot and Chilli
Black Olive
Brown Ale and Bacon
Caramelised Onion
Green Olive
Green Tomato
Mango Chutney
Red Onion
Red Pepper and Chilli
Sweet Chilli